Saturday, May 23, 2009

Rain rain go away!

Omg it's so wet!

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Our yard sale was rained out and the whole family is stuck inside. The only positive is that the garden is truly happy.

The barometric pressure makes me want to kill myself, however, so a happy garden is little consolation for a miserably depressed housewife. Now, if it were a happy garden, that would be different...

Sadly the large plants we are growing out back will produce only corn. And while I suppose you could smoke it, I wouldn't be willing to guarantee it would make you feel all woogy.

In addition to it being wet and cold and dreary, it is also Memorial Day weekend and I feel like I should be camping, or at least planning a picnic and drinking beer while getting a sunburn. Surely that sounds more festive than staring at the wall and wishing I could be asleep!

I will be blaming my hormones for the time being, although I suspect a short period of introspection would illuminate the true cause. Chances are I will still blame hormones.

It is my prerogative as a woman!

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