Monday, May 11, 2009

PMD - Post Mother's Day

So here it is, the Monday after Mother's Day, and I am enjoying my tea and preparing to finish planting the garden.

I have actually been a little thoughtful this mother's day, thinking about the concepts of nurturing and nourishment. As I planted my garden yesterday morning, my plan for mother's day for some time now, I realized that motherhood is about so much more than just parenting.

My whole attitude has shifted since I became a mother. And while I certainly spend much of my time parenting, the concepts of mother as a nurturing, loving, warm, protector have really moved into the forefront of my thinking recently.

The garden is just one expression of this energy in my life. The desire to grow my own food, protect and nurture plant life, and generally put my energy into helping something grow is a very new thing for me. I am enjoying it very much.

As I look at my son and realize that he is quickly moving out of the baby stage and into full blown toddler-hood, I think it is important for me to focus on the larger picture of motherhood. Rather than thinking about the specifics of parenting and the daily slog of diapers, baths, and food preparation, I find myself really taking a look at how I can provide my son with the same kind of support and nourishment that I will provide my garden. Both need constant attention to grow, and both need a certain level of independence in order to fulfill their potential.

My son is mine to protect and care for, nurture and nourish, love and hold, and someday, let go. It's a sobering thought, and makes much of my day bittersweet. But oh, how good it is now when the little man gives me a hug and sits on my lap!

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