Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Passage of Time

So, having re-entered Santa Fe society this spring, I am finding it very interesting to note how time has effected all those with which I was once so familiar.

Having moved around a ridiculous amount as a young adult, it has been quite a while since I have really seen how time passing effects people. When you only stay somewhere for a year or two, you don't really see the impact the passage of time has on people's lives. You leave, and if you return briefly or if you hear from one of the people you left behind, you don't really delve into the depth and breadth with which their lives have been altered.

Now that I am back in the land of Entrapment, it is with crystal clarity that I see how the last 5 years have really effected the lives and daily routines of a community that, at one time, I was so intimately familiar with. Re-entering the city I have chosen to make my own, I see now that the years have taken their toll on those things which I once held so dear.

Not that all the changes have been bad, by any stretch of the imagination. However it fills me with wonder all the same. Everything from hair cuts to businesses closing somehow affects me at a personal level here. I feel intimately intertwined with the community in Santa Fe and so as I re-enter and my existence here re-gains the depths of my previous stay, I find all this change affecting me on a visceral level.

It is all quite bittersweet. Like parenting, you are excited for the growth, but miss those things that must be left behind in order to allow said growth to occur.

Every day now is an adventure, for who knows which person I will run into next who has changed dramatically?

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