Monday, August 3, 2009

Oh teh horror.

So the little man is teething...again. In fact, I think he has been teething since the beginning of the month. He has two molars that have already erupted and is currently working on a third, plus his first I-tooth. He is cross and crabby and generally unhappy. Poor baby :(

Sadly for him, I seem to have been PMS-ing for over a week so mommy isn't as sympathetic as I probably should be. Poor baby again...

It is interesting watching him progress into toddlerhood, for he is my no means a baby any longer. He is speaking in full sentences, has very strong opinions about whether or not he is allowed to sleep with his shoes on, and has even asked to call his friend on the phone. He also had his first kiss! With a younger woman, no less. Some saucy 13 month old smooched my baby right on the mouth and he grinned like an idiot for 30!

All in all, however, the transition has been hard for me. He is my son and I love him but I feel like my adjustment to his growth spurts always takes a week or two and it usually results in about 14 days of discomfort, fights, and general malaise. I don't suppose it is supposed to be cake, but I sometimes wish that I were more flexible and could change my way of dealing with his behavior as soon as it became apparent his behavior had changed. I'm sure I'm not the only parent who has ever had this thought...

In either case, the heat is making all of us cranky, teething pains and PMS aside, and I just wish it would rain! So let's all do the rain dance, shall we?

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