Friday, July 17, 2009

New additions to the family!

So we have two new kittens in our household - they are so adorable I can barely stand it.

The whole process of watching my cat deliver and then take care of her young was both terrifying and reassuring - so much can go wrong, but yet she was completely in her element, her animal instincts guiding her actions and generally assuring the healthy delivery of two very tiny, very adorable, little cats.

I will post pictures as soon as possible - probably when their eyes open. They are still blind and mewling and trying desperately to find the nipples. It is stressful to watch - I keep wanting to help but they always manage to find it without assistance, as it should be.

Aside from the new kitties, things here on the homestead are pretty good. We are definitely getting our goats, which is great, but I don't know that we will be getting them from our friend. One of her goats kidded successfully, delivering a boy and a girl, but the other one lost her baby, which is so sad especially after having some successes here with our kitties. The down side of all this for us is that we wanted two nannies - we really have no use for a boy goat. We don't want them as pets, and there is no way the baby daddy would let us eat an animal we had lived with for nine months. So we may have to research some different sources.

On the up side, the goat milk we are now getting has got to be the best stuff on earth - it is so creamy and delicious I want to drink all of it. Sadly, it is for my little man :( Bummer!

So life is good! The weather is much too warm and I need to pay more attention to this blog - Real Food Mama has been taking up much of my time. As it should :)

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